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Does reading your income statement fill you with dread?
Is your balance sheet row after row of undecipherable
numbers? Ed Wuensche can help.

An accounting book for nonaccountants, Bookkeeping
Management offers the information you need to make
sense of your income statement and balance sheet.
Wuensche combines his clear, uncomplicated explanations
with cautionary tales of misinterpreted information and its
consequences, helping you identify and avoid common

Under Wuensche's expert guidance, you'll discover

  • how to assess your organization's financial health,
  • how to control your business operations,
  • the difference between accrual and cash methods,
  • how cash flow affects your business,
  • and much more.
Understanding your balance sheet and income statement
offers you the information you need to keep your
business running at peak efficiency. You don't have to be
an accountant with Bookkeeping Management.

Ed Wuensche has spent over
forty-five years preparing
financial statements for many
clients in multiple industries.

A financial statement is often an intimidating document for business owners. Learn how to read, understand, and manage your income statement and balance sheet.

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